“Public Relation can no longer turn its head to blogging. Every day, online publishing makes stronger gains -ROI over traditional publishing”. Therefore, MEDIACOM is dedicated to help B2C and B2B Customer in order to increase ROI and improve Brand Financial Growth.


Our PR Services: 

  • Company’s Website
  • Editorials & Press release
  • Public Speaking
  • Press release
  • Content Management
  • News coverage
  • Article placement
  • e-Books & e-Catalog
  • New Media
  • Newsletters
  • Brochures & Flyers
  • Blogging
  • Marketing collateral
  • Name contributions (which are, for example placed on behalf of the Board Article)
  • Speaker placement (placement of the client as a guest speaker)
  • Case Studies (mainly for trade and industry media)
  • Press conferences
  • Business Owner Publications (BOP) (Annual and quarterly reports, image brochures, customer and employee magazines, residents newspapers, websites, corporate blogs, corporate tweets)
  • Provision of press documents (in a press kit and / or on the home page in a separate press section) with the main current press releases
  • Company information and profiles and Fact Sheet (company data)
  • Short product or service information

Also, the Issues Management (advertising and tracking of topics in public) is one of the central public relations instruments. In addition, the communication also heard about social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Xing, LinkedIn, etc.) to the current PR instruments.


Contact us: mediacom@propmi-limited.com


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